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It is the time of globalization, with a growing use of sensor & measurement technology in every possible application. At the same time, Internet has become the most used tool for the research & communication of information around the globe. Sens2B International has established itself as the virtual industrial exhibition platform, 100 % dedicated to Sensors, Sensor Systems & Measurement Technology.

The Sens2B International Services are aimed at industry professionals in Purchasing, R&D, Management, Design, Production, Maintenance - offering an accurate and up-to-date source of information, combined with dedicated Business services and additional reports. The Sens2B International websites act as a permanent exhibition, allowing direct contacts between manufacturers, suppliers and buyers all over the world. Read up-to-date sensors & measurement news & articles, search for worldwide sensors, sensor systems & measuring devices manufacturers, suppliers and products. The international B2B online measurement & sensor suppliers directory / portal, freely accessible to all our readers in five languages, presents all sensor manufacturers, sensor suppliers, products, news & articles from all major industry sectors.

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Accelerometers, acceleration sensors

Automotive Sensors, Automotive Testing

Capacitive sensors, capacitive measurement

Color sensors, colour sensors

Oxygen sensors, oxygen measuring systems

Displacement sensors, linear position sensors

Distance sensors, distance measurement

Draw-wire sensors, position sensors

Eddy current sensors, measurement

Encoders, rotary encoders, position sensors

Flow sensors, flowmeters, flow measurement

Force sensors, force transmitters

Gas sensors, gas warning systems

Gas sensors, CO2 sensors

Hall sensors, hall-effect sensors, hall-effect switches

Humidity sensors, humidity transmitters, dew point sensors

Inclination sensors, inclinometers

Inductive sensors, inductive measurement

Label sensors, barcode readers

Laser sensors, laser measurement devices

Level sensors, level switches, level measurement

Load cells, load cell sensors

Optical sensors, optoelectronic sensors, photoelectric sensors

Position sensors, position switches

Pressure sensors, pressure transducers, transmitters

Strain sensors, strain sensors, strain links, strain measurement

Temperature sensors, temperature transmitters, temperature measurement

Vibration sensor, vibration switches, vibration monitoring

Vision sensors, vision systems

Torque sensors, torque transmitters, torque measurement

Ultrasonic sensors, ultrasonic switches, ultrasound measurement

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